DJ Ashton Martin

DJ Ashton Martin differs from your average DJ in his ability to turn each performance into an epic part. Having grown-up in the industry and begun his music education at a young age, Ashton Martin captures crowds with an immense music repertoire and high-voltage performances. You may have heard him at the 2014 MLB World Series or the 2013 MLS Cup match, now you get to experience his talent up close!

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Central Exchange Leadership Lyceum

Elizabeth Vargas

Award-Winning ABC News Journalist

Maureen Chiquet

Former Global CEO of Chanel

Rice University professor and author of “Stretch”

Scott Sonenshein

Owner & CEO of Ruby Jean's Juicery


Once Chris Goode was introduced to the world of juicing and shown the documentary ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ by friends in Los Angeles, a passion for healthy living was birthed. Following his first juice cleanse, which lasted 10 days, he felt better than he ever had! He immediately thought of his late grandmother and wished she had the knowledge and understanding of how important healthy eating and drinking truly was. Ruby Jean’s was birthed on pure passion behind the early departure of Ruby Jean and the owner’s extreme belief that his grandmother may still be around had she made subtle changes in her diet.

Chris Goode

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Vice President, U.S Ethics & Employment Compliance

Ronetta shares her ideas on ‘Bloom Where You Are Planted’ through diversity in the workplace. She currently leads the teams responsible for overseeing Ethics functions for Walmart U.S., Sam’s Club, and the Home Office, and for ensuring that Walmart’s policies, practices, procedures and systems are compliant with federal, state and local employment laws and regulations. Prior to joining Walmart, Ronetta served as a Senior Trial Attorney at the Dallas District Office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Ronetta J. Francis

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University of Kansas Professor Emeritus and Clinical Music Therapist

Alicia Clair will talk about her career journey and how she navigated difficult transition points. As a clinical researcher, teacher, author and consultant Dr. Clair has gained international regard for music therapy with persons who have Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.  She highlights how she helped shape a new profession through overcoming barriers and how passion drove innovations that make a difference.  The session culminates with video examples of the powerful influence of music in dementia care.

Alicia Clair

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MD, MS, Medical Intensive Care Unit at University of Kansas Medical Center

Emily Diederich will participate in our Making Your Move in STEMM Fields panel. Emily Diederich, MD, MS, is the David S. Zamierowski Director of the Zamierowski Institute for Experiential Learning (ZIEL).   The ZIEL provides immersive training experiences for students and health care providers, helping to ensure that teams and individuals are ready to provide world class care for patients and families.  Dr. Diederich completed her BS and MS in Kinesiology at Kansas State University, where she was a Big Twelve Track and Field Champion and NCAA Academic All American.  She went on to graduate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and then completed Internal Medicine Residency at McGaw Medical Center at Northwestern University.

Emily Diederich

Founding Partner of Wings Café

& Founder of

Eze Redwood is an entrepreneur who is passionate about building communities. He is a founding partner at the artisan wings restaurant Wings Café, is the founder of, a United States delegate for the US-Japan Leadership Program, and organizes communities whenever possible. He is also an established connector operating within the entrepreneurial and non-profit sectors. As president of Twenty30CEO and Under30CEO KC, as well as founder of the Young Black Professionals Council, Eze plays a role in bringing together young entrepreneurs and innovators to learn, collaborate, and have a greater impact in business and surrounding communities.

Eze Redwood

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Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science at the University of Kansas Medical Center

Sandy Billinger will participate in our ‘Making a Move in STEMM Fields’ panel. She is a physical therapist (PT), PhD who has practiced for over 10 years. Dr. Billinger’s clinical experience has been in geriatrics, neurologic and cardiopulmonary physical therapy and her work focuses on the benefits of aerobic exercise across all stages of stroke recovery with focus on cerebrovascular health in older adults and those post-stroke. Dr. Billinger is also the Interim Assoc Dean for Research, School of Health Professions, and Director, Research in Exercise and Cardiovascular Health (REACH) laboratory.

Dr. Sandra Billinger

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Not Pictured Break-Out Speakers

D.B.A., Leadership Programs Manager, KU Professional & Continuing Education

Looking for new ways to make your move in fostering innovation in the workplace? In this interactive session you will learn to think in seven new ways, using principles developed by the most expansive thinker in human history: Leonardo da Vinci. You'll work through a facilitated creativity session that will involve music, art media, and antique artifacts. This program accelerates the development of innovation capabilities in any organization, and its creative thinking methods can be used by individuals, teams, committees, or large groups.




Lee Stuart


Elizabeth Vargas will share her personal stories of change, growth and reinvention. She has traveled the world covering breaking news and reporting in-depth investigations. She is currently the co-anchor of “20/20” with David Muir. Vargas is also the author of “Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction” released in 2016.

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From St. Louis to Paris and Old Navy to Chanel, Chiquet shares what she learned throughout her 30-year career in ‘BEYOND THE LABEL: Women, Leadership and Success on Our Own Terms’. She shares the unsung benefits of a jagged path to leadership in the workplace, how a self-professed introvert can learn to address—and win over—a crowded room, how to recognize that one professional opportunity has reached its conclusion and that it’s time to move on, and more.

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Using colorful stories from businesses both well-known and little-known—Yuengling Beer, Major League Baseball, Fastenal, Netflix, NASA, etc.—Sonenshein demonstrates how stretchers’ ability to deploy resources beyond convention consistently helps them devise products, processes, services and work cultures that are unique and game-changing and explains 4 steps anyone can use to improve their ability to stretch.

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Claire shares her ideas on ‘Becoming and Staying Relevant’ through diversity in the workplace. She has been recognized throughout her career for her strong commitment to diversity. In addition to winning the Dave Jackson Trailblazer Award, in recent years she has been named a Diversity Champion by Diversity Edge magazine and was added to the “Women Worth Watching” list by Diversity Journal.

Claire Babineaux

Executive Vice President and Treasurer for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

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Angie Pastorek

PhD, Program Manager and Faculty for the Professional Workplace Communication graduate programs, KU-Edwards


Despite our best intentions as managers and leaders, our team members are often left (and even expected) to “just figure it out” as they strive to keep up with an ever-increasing list of daily responsibilities. Angie Pastorek, PhD will help us take a fresh look at onboarding and team development, exploring the simple, everyday steps you can take to help you build more inclusive, engaged and productive teams. During her own corporate career, Angie worked in client training and employee development for Deloitte, and as global employee communication manager for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.

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Ann Davis

Professor, University of Kansas Medical Center

Ann McGrath Davis will participate in our Making Your Move in STEMM Fields panel. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and English from the University of Kansas, her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Western Michigan University, and her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Kansas Medical Center.  In addition to her current academic position, she is Director of the Healthy Hawks pediatric obesity program and Director of the Center for Children’s Healthy Lifestyles & Nutrition, a joint center between the University of Kansas Medical Center and Children’s Mercy Hospital focused on pediatric obesity and other nutrition related issues in childhood.

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Manager Sprint Accelerator

Tina is a manager in the Sprint Accelerator and is responsible for outreach, products and programs focusing on entrepreneurs and developers regionally and nationally. She also works with corporate leaders inside and outside of Sprint on corporate innovation, support programs and collaboration efforts. As an active Kansas City leader, Tina is a founding member of Athena League and KCWiT, interfaces with many KC organizations and regularly mentors entrepreneurs. She has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University and a MS from the University of Kansas.

Tina Peterson

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Nicole Price

Author and Chief Executive Officer at Lively Paradox

Nicole Price is certain that all leaders have the ability to be great and that individual leaders are the lynchpins of culture. Her ‘Cultivating Culture’ session will help us make our move to consciously create a work culture that will focus on the importance of passion, purpose, prowess and, ultimately, drive personal accountability. Nicole received her B.S. in chemical engineering from North Carolina A&T University and her master’s degree in adult education from Park University. Nicole Price believes two things: 1) If leadership is anything, it’s personal 2) Everyone can be a great leader. She’ll make you laugh; she’ll make you think; she’ll make you better.

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Co-Owner of Screenland Armour Theatre and Tapcade

Adam Roberts is the co-owner/operator at Screenland Armour Theatre, Co-Owner of Tapcade, Co-Founder at Panic Fest and Arts and Crafts Festival. Working diligently to bring unique entertainment venues to the Kansas City market, enlarging a spotlight on our prospering film community and working towards directing his first feature film in 2017. Over the last 5 years he has founded two film festivals, created Kansas City's first arcade bar and embraced community and charity work.

Adam Roberts

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Owner / Communications & Hospitality for Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room

Christina opened Corvino Supper Club and Tasting Room, in the Crossroads Arts District, earlier this year with her husband, Chef Michael Corvino. Christina has lived a life of curiosity more than of a singular passion. She enjoys creating ideas, leading big projects, constructing memorable experiences, and stretching tenacity to make amazing things happen. Her background includes nonprofit and for-profit fundraising, opening small businesses, creating and executing major events, developing marketing campaigns, and started out as a US Air Force officer. Christina’s volunteer work includes directing medical missions in West Africa, fundraising for an arts group, and serving on a local Rotary board.

Christina Corvino

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2016 Lyceum Gallery

Central Exchange leadership development programs create a pool of highly qualified leaders available for executive positions in the Kansas City area. This supports our strategic initiative win|win, a business case for Kansas City, to increase gender diversity at the top of area companies.

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